Emilie Wright, MT-BC

Wildwood Creative Owner & Operator

Music therapy was something I was always drawn to, even before I knew what it was. I learned the flute at a young age and from there I taught myself any instrument I could get my hands on. After receiving a Bachelor's in Music History and a minor in Human Development from the University of California-Davis, I began searching for a way to use those skills to connect with people. It didn't take long before finding the Bachelor's in Music Therapy at Marylhurst University, just outside of Portland, Oregon. Within two months of graduating from Davis, I packed everything I owned into a U-Haul and headed north!

That was seven years ago. Since then I have completed my Bachelor's in Music Therapy and 1200 hours of an intensive clinical internship, which enabled me to pass the music therapy board exam. I've attended conferences and workshops and courses, and have even trained a few of my own interns who are now successful therapists themselves.  Most importantly though, I've seen how music therapy works. I've sang at the top of my lungs with clients who hadn't spoken all day. I've helped agitated, exit-seeking clients find a way to rest. I've sat at the bedside of a client who passed away 72 hours later, and watched her chest rise and fall in time to the music. I am passionate about what I do and how I do it.

That's why I started Wildwood Creative. Music helps us unlock our inner power, and my mission is to help my clients unlock theirs.


Here are some of the settings where I have provided music therapy services...

  • Early-to-Mid-Stage Dementia Support Groups
  • Memory Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Adult Foster Homes
  • Adult Day Programs
  • Outpatient Mental Health Programs
  • Early Childhood Groups
  • Groups for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Their Families
  • Choir for People with Early-to-Mid-Stage Dementia
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Residential Mental Health
  • Hospice