We have enjoyed Emilie so much. She is such great asset to our program and the individuals love her so much.

Thank you so much for your care and consideration of our clients. I so appreciate you including everyone who chooses to attend, even those who need to sit just outside of the music circle. Your inclusion of those who are feeling a little more bashful or having a little more anxiety than they usually might is so very important. I loved seeing [client] light up when you asked him a question and he was so happy to feel included. Many ignore those sitting outside the natural circle setting, and your inclusion makes them feel validated, included, and cared for. You are so good at what you do, and the benefits show. It’s nice to see people slowly move closer to the circle over time, and feel like members of the whole.

Thanks so much for all you do to support, encourage, and care for our group participants, one and all!

Emilie was a key person in my client’s life. She brought her no end of joy.

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